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    Deploying an EJB3 MDB as stopped?

    fpa1974 Newbie

      This is on a JBoss-4.0.4 Patch 1.

      I know that for non EJB3 MDB you can configure the 'DeliveryActive' attribute in MDBConfig (in a user defined invoker configuration) and your MDB will be deployed but not started. Starting it can be done at a later point through JMX.

      I browsed through annotations and source code in EJB3 implementation for MDBs and I could not find anything similar. I know EJB3 is using AOP now and ignoring standardjboss.xml. The org.jboss.ejb3.mdb.MDBConfig class has nothing similar to that either.

      So the question is if there is a way to achive the same functionality in EJB3 as it used to be the case for EJB 2.x?