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    EJB3 with J2EE5 WS

    bmhardy Newbie


      We created some EJB3 Entity beans and have several EJB3 session Facades to promote the system API. We used @WebMethod annotations to make the session facade methods web services.

      This seems to work ok, but with EJB3 all our Entity relationships are Sets. Since the Entities have Sets of related Entities, we are not able to return our detached entities from our webservice. I know that a web service could handle a Java Array of Objects.

      How can I use Object Arrays for Entity relationships in EJB3 rather than Sets.
      Conversely, how can I get the web service to use Sets, or Collections as a legitimate data type that can be passed? If I can get Sets to go through the web service, would a .net client have a problem accessing them?

      Thank you very much.