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    Setting up an Interceptor with jBoss

    Hans-Martin Newbie

      my name is Hans-Martin. I am a student from Germany.

      I have a very big problem. My Professor wants me to send events via JMS to a Complex Event Processing Platform.

      First of all my professor gave me the simple job to create a jsp with 4 Buttons. He wants to see ?something move??.

      The task is following:
      Every time a button is pushed it calls a Method on a Servlet/Bean. The Interceptor realizes this call and creates a simple ?Button_X-was-pushed? event (for example as a string) . This event will be sent via JMS to a CEP Platform which checks for patterns like ?Button_X was pushed? and updates a database which counts the pushes of a single Button.

      This database can be called by a simple page/dashboard to show the number of times a button was pushed.
      All that must be realized on jBoss.

      It is a pretty simple example but we have absolutely NO idea of jBoss, how I can plug in the interceptors or send JMS messages.

      What software do I need for this ? Do I need EJB3.0 for that task ?
      Do you know a tutorial for the installation/implementation/configuration ?

      I don´t even know how what project I have to create in jBoss IDE for eclipse.

      I created an jBossAOP Project. And it was pretty simple to connect an Interceptor to a method of another class. But I am not able to do this in a dynamic Web Project (for JSPs, Servlets and so on)

      PLEASE HELP ME. I have just 1 week to do this :(