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    Deploy ear problem

    Yoav Al Newbie

      Hello all,

      I have a problem deploying an EJB 3 inside an ear archive.
      I have a WebApp that is made of 3 components: 2 JARs(EJBs) & 1 WAR

      One of EJBs is using DB, I have configured persistence.xml file in the META-INF directory.

      Any way, when I deploy the JARS and the WAR separately every thing works,
      But when I deploy them inside an ear, for some reason the persistence is ignored.
      I can perform lookup from the WebApp to the EJB but the relevant tables not created in the data base (I use hsqldb on localDB).

      I guess one (or more) of my Jboss configuration file is missing some thing.

      any suggestions ?


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          Michael Martinsen Newbie

          A quick suggestion:

          Are you sure your application.xml is correct? Based on what you write, I guess that it should contain 3 modules; 2 ejb and 1 web?? Maybe the persitence ejb module entry is missing...


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            Yoav Al Newbie

            I figure out the problem,

            I pack my project with Maven2 and one of the dependencies was the persistence-api jar
            that jar was packed in my ear and it collide with the one already in Jboss lib so i guess that was my problem...

            any way i have removed the dependency (made it provided in Maven) and now it is working.

            Thanks any way