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    modalPanel and Seam chart problems

    David Reed Newbie

      Does anybody have an idea as to why a chart would work in the normal part of a XHTML page, but when it is in a rich:modalPanel it does not ever show?

      I even tried it with a p:barchart that was all static and did not have any references to bean information. All just hardcoded, and it still failed.

      I am running the following:

      JBoss 4.2.2
      JBoss RichFaces 3.2.1.CR8
      JBoss SEAM 2.0.2
      Facelets 1.1.14
      JSF Sun RI 1.2_09


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          christian meza Newbie

          Are these generating a pdf file?

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            David Reed Newbie

            No this part isn't trying to generate a PDF. It is just creating a jpeg image (image/jpg MimeType). I have a different piece that does the PDF creation that is working fine even when I use the exact same code works when I put it in another xhtml file and use p:document around it and when it is on the same page that has the call and displays the modalPanel.

            When I say exact same code, I'm just referring to the p:barchart and all of its child XML pieces.

            It only fails when inside a rich:modalPanel.


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              David Reed Newbie

              Sorry that wasn't very clear.

              I have the same code

              <p:barchart ...

              in the page that has and calls the modalPanel and in another page that generates a PDF.

              Therefore it generates a PDF correctly. Plus it generates a JPEG image correctly when not in a modalPanel.

              The only place it is failing is when p:barchart code is inside the modalPanel and I am trying to create a JPEG image.

              Hopefully that is a little clearer.

              Thanks again,