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    EJB3 Packaging

    Marcus Overheu Newbie

      Hi i´ve been searching around for a packaging guide on war files, unfortunely with no succes. My problem is that my jboss server doesn´t read my ejb jar in my package (as a jar it works), which is placed under WEB-INF/lib on a 4.0.5GA.
      I´ve tried to look into different documentation but there seems to be some differences* in what should be done and i havn´t seen a single example on war packaging, they´re all jar or ear.
      If you know a link for a guide with war or have good suggestion i´m all ear :)

      *In "Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0", that uses 4.0.4GA: it says that the jar should be placed under WEB-INF/lib, but this place says that its not implemented in 4.0.x.