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    ServiceLocator pattern - delegates in the context of EJB3.0

    Paris Apostolopoulos Newbie

      Hi, I am building a new J2ee app, using Jboss 4, EJb3 , JPA in general using most of the stuff of J2EE5. I am @ the stage which I want to glue efficiently my web layer (name it struts) with all this infrustructure.

      I am aware of the ServiceLocator Patterns (EJB2.0) era, though now I am having problems of mapping the service locator semantics with EJb3. The usual interfaces are not there anymore etc etc.

      Has anyone any idea (apart from an article @ the serverside ) which talks about servicelocators and a mechanism for SLSB

      the article is http://www.javalobby.org/java/forums/t61662.html

      I have also found a very relevant topic / talk on the Design EJb3 sub forum


      It would be musch appreciated if anyone could point me any resource or link towards the implementations (if any) of a ServiceLocator for EJb3 SLSB

      At the moment I am just doing JNDI calls from my web layer...and its a bit lame..

      Thanks in advace

      (i am sorry if it is in the wrong topic / maybe the JNDI one? )