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    HibernateException: this instance does not yet exist as a ro

    Markus Wiederkehr Newbie

      I have a stateful session bean that uses other stateless session beans via their remote interfaces. The stateless session beans use EJB3 persistence. Now I have this scenario:

      Application bean (stateful):

      Resource resource = securityManager_.createResource(admin);
      return folderManager_.createRootFolder(resource);

      Security Manager bean (stateless):
      @PersistenceContext private EntityManager em_;
      public Resource createResource(User owner) throws SecurityException {
       Resource resource = new Resource(owner);
       return resource;

      Folder Manager bean (stateless):
      @PersistenceContext private EntityManager em_;
      public Folder createRootFolder(Resource resource) throws FolderException {
       // this instruction causes the exception
       // code omitted

      The em_.refresh(resource); causes a HibernateException to be throws:

      Stack Trace:
      * org.hibernate.ejb.AbstractEntityManagerImpl.throwPersistenceException(AbstractEntityManagerImpl.java:567)
      * org.hibernate.ejb.AbstractEntityManagerImpl.refresh(AbstractEntityManagerImpl.java:239)
      * org.jboss.ejb3.entity.TransactionScopedEntityManager.refresh(TransactionScopedEntityManager.java:193)
      * net.sf.adigres.foldermanager.FolderManagerBean.createRootFolder(FolderManagerBean.java:88)
      * ....
      Caused by: org.hibernate.HibernateException: this instance does not yet exist as a row in the database
      * org.hibernate.event.def.DefaultRefreshEventListener.onRefresh(DefaultRefreshEventListener.java:90)
      * org.hibernate.event.def.DefaultRefreshEventListener.onRefresh(DefaultRefreshEventListener.java:39)
      * org.hibernate.impl.SessionImpl.fireRefresh(SessionImpl.java:895)
      * org.hibernate.impl.SessionImpl.refresh(SessionImpl.java:879)
      * org.hibernate.ejb.AbstractEntityManagerImpl.refresh(AbstractEntityManagerImpl.java:233)
      * ... 106 more

      This happens only in conjunction with the stateful Application bean. Stand alone tests of the two stateless beans involved work without problems.

      I guess it has something to do with transactions but I don't use @TransactionAttribute annotations anywhere so the default value (REQUIRED) should apply (and be appropriate).

      Can anyone help me with this, please?