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    Expand does not work when using ajaxSingle=true with treeNod

    Marcin Bednarek Newbie

      There is a problem with tree when rich:treeNode has ajaxSingle property set true. When tree has only one root node which has children it doesn't expand and onExpand method isn't even called. When there are many root nodes then the last node at bottom of tree doesn't expand. But there is something strange. When I expand any of the other nodes then the this last node at the bottom expands correctly. Does anyone know how to fix this problem, or maybe this is a bug in richfaces? I'm using 3.2.0 SR1 and seam 2.0.2.GA.

      <rich:tree id="tree" switchType="ajax" binding="#{treeData.htmlTreeData}" changeExpandListener="#{tree.onExpand}"
      value="#{tree.treeNode}" var="f">
       <rich:treeNode ajaxSingle="true"><h:outputText value="#{f.name}"></h:outputText></rich:treeNode>