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    Newbie question: How to deploy EJB3.0 project in JBOSS IDE

    Lu Li Newbie

      Hello all,
      I am having a beginner problem of how to deploy my EJB bean. I created an EJB3.0 project and have a simple EJB3.0 beans similar to the CalculatorBean example. For client side, I want to use the EJB bean in a web project. I created the EJB jar file using the packaging confuguration in EJB project and deploy it. In the web project, I follow standard example of create a context object and use it to lookup the ejb bean with name "EJBName/local", but the lookup failed. I guess I didnot deploy the bean correctly, so please tell me how to deploy the EJB so that in web module .war I could look up the bean and invoke its interface. Thank you.