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    Annotated MDB not detected/deployed

    lpmon Novice

      Symptom: Annotated MDB is not detected (apparently). It is not deployed. No "[EJBContainer] STARTED EJB:" in log for the MDB. The related JMS topic is not created automatically.

      more info:

      I can place the exact same MDB into another ear and it works. I did this experiment as a debug test. There must be something about this app that is causing the problem but I am not sure where to start. What could cause this?

      Both the working and non-working apps are deployed as an ear and have an EJB jar inside it. The EJB jar has both session beans and MDBs. The non-working app also has entity beans (one notable diff). The entity beans and session beans are deployed properly. There are no errors in the log when the app is being deployed.


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          lpmon Novice

          I saw that there was a past issue: if a queue already contained messages at startup the MDB would not deploy.

          [EJBTHREE-464] - Bean injection fails in MDB during deploy of EAR if JMS messages already exist in queue

          That does not seem to be my problem.

          Has no one else seen this problem?