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    SessionContext and TimerService

    Raghu Govindaraj Newbie


      I am using JBossAS 4.0.3 SP1 in our product and recently tried to add a timer service to it. I am having problem retrieving the session context for writing a Timer Service. I am getting a NULL value injected for both the TimerService and SessionContext, is there a way to work around it.

      I am invoking the startPolling() method on startup from a servlet.

      public class RSSPoller implements IRSSPoller {
       private @Resource
       SessionContext ctx;
       private @Resource
       TimerService tms;
       private @PersistenceContext
       EntityManager _entityManager;
       public void startPolling() {
       if (ctx == null) System.err.println("SessionContext is NULL!!");
       if (tms == null) System.err.println("TimerService is NULL!!");
       if (ctx != null) {
       ctx.getTimerService().createTimer(new Date(),
       milliseconds, com.nukore.hub.rss.RSSPoller.class);
       public void timeoutHandler(Timer timer) {
       //Timer Method....

      Thanks in advance.