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    Can't get session timeouts and appropriate @PreDestroy to wo

    Jan Lessner Newbie

      Hello everybody
      I'm trying to deploy a Stateful SessionBean with a timeout period of only a few seconds and an appropriate invocation of a PreDestroy method when the bean is discarded. I understood from various documents that I should either change the <remover-period> and <max-bean-life> attributes in standardjboss.xml of my server installation or provide these values along with a jboss.xml in my EJB jar file. But nothing happens. I even put XML syntax errors in these files to ensure that I edited the right ones - so I'm sure I did. But I can provide what ever I want - it has no effect. I can even set a value -1 or "BLABLA" as remover-period without any complains from the server at startup resp. deploy time.
      Does anybody use these features successfully and could give me a hint what the problem might be? I'm using JBoss 4.0.5 GA with EJB 3 support.