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    Major problem - JBoss hungs

    Michael Pikounis Newbie

      I am facing a major issue with our system which runs on JBoss 4.04GA. We have an application which relies on EJB3 session beans and a mix of EJB2 and EJB3 entity beans.

      The problem appears randomly (or when the server is under stress) and we cannot replicate it.

      The symptoms are that certain requests are not serviced (just wait forever to load the page) and it seems that it is those requests that have something to do with EJB2 entity beans. The rest of the system responds just fine.

      What is even stranger is that user A can access part X of the application. Then the problem occurs and user A can no longer load the page. User B may still be able to access part X for a while until eventually noone can access part X.

      No CPU load, no memory problems, no network issues and as far as I can tell no database issues either.

      Note that I am using "Instance Per Transaction CMP 2.x EntityBean" to make sure I am not running into deadlocking issues.

      Any ideas?