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    Embed EJB3 into my own application (try and errors)

    Marcel Marcel Newbie


      i'm clicking/trying since several days to create some
      few EJB3 beans.
      I would like to have them as plain JDK 1.5 Java beans with some annotations to persist them with hibernate to postgres without any dependency on microkernels and such.

      I would expect to use some few *.jar files for the annotations, hibernate and postgres JDBC and throw them into my application to easily access the DB.

      I think i have followed all wikis, tutorials around but i
      always get stuck (jboss-EJB-3.0_Embeddable_ALPHA_5.zip,

      With the ejb3-project-backup.zip and a lot of copying i got a bit further, but running the TestNGDummyTest i get:

      "Cannot find embedded-ejb3-project-ds-beans.xml"

      What is a proper/easy way to get started,
      is it a naive approach i follow or the wrong tools?

      Thanks for some psychological assistance,