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    Where is RC10?

    Carlo de Wolf Master

      The simple answer to this question is: we'll skip RC10.

      With the release of RC9 we realized that the build is tightly coupled to the Application Server. This meant that RC9 only functions in AS 4.0.5.

      We're planning to refactor EJB3 into a binary plugin for use in AS 4.x and 5.x.

      So are we dead in the water? No, because the latest EJB3 release is bundled with AS 4.2. I recommend everyone to try out the AS 4.2.0 CR1 release on their development systems and report problems in the forums, so we can have it ironed out before GA.

      "dimitris@jboss.org" wrote:

      I'm very pleased to announce that the 1st candidate release for the new JBoss Application Server 4.2.x series is available for download at sourceforge.

      (See above link for download and release notes)

      But where is Embedded EJB3? Again a simple answer: it has been promoted to JBoss 5 Embedded. From the start Embedded EJB3 was actually the usage of JBoss 5 microcontainer technology to run EJB3 itself. Now it can run everything JBoss AS can. More on this soon.

      The release notes for EJB3 AS 4.2.0 CR1 can be found here: