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    picklist problem

      I am working with JBOSS SEAM 2.0.1GA an with Richfaces 3.2.0.GA.

      This is not a funcionality problem, is only a view problem using firefox 2.0
      Maybe a css problem.
      The problem appears when I use a picklist in combination (in the same page) with other fields like inputText or inputTextArea. If i write something in this fields ant I try to select this text I can't do it. This doesn't happen in I.E.7

      Any idea?Can anybody confirm this problem?Can anybody solve this?

      Thanks in advance!!

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          This problem not only happens with inputTextArea. This also happens with the rest of components (everyone) in the same ui:define (body).

          The other parts of template can be selected (footer, header)

          Anybody with the same problem?

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            I couldn't resolve this problem.
            Does anyone experienced this?
            Could be this a css bug?

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              I think I found the problem.
              The picklist.xcss used in richfaces-ui.jar overwrite body class. This is the name of class that I am using in my template for the body.

              .body {
               -moz-user-select: none;

              Why?it doesn't have sense. Is this an error?

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                This not reproducible for me under RF 3.2.1 and FireFox :/

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                  probably you have styleClass="body" in your own markup... It's the only version of such behaviour.

                  Post your snippets.

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                    I have one div with class body, but I would like not to change it.
                    Here is my xhtml template.

                     <ui:include src="menu.xhtml">
                     <ui:param name="projectName" value="gestioncntg"/>
                     <div class="body" style="-moz-user-select:normal;">
                     <ui:insert name="body"/>
                     <div class="footer">
                     <h:outputText value="#{messages['cntg.footer.tittle']}"/>

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                      Sorry, my original xhtml doesn't have:


                      I tryed to override property but It didn't work.
                      How can I do it?

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                        so you have two ways :)

                        1) rename this class
                        2) wait for a fix ;)

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                          Ok, thanks for your answer.

                          I think that renaming will be faster ;).
                          But, could be any way to override this style propertie?Maybe is a stupid question, but my knowledge of css and styling is quite poor