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    JNDI and JBoss

    Carlos Bazilio Newbie


      I've been working with EJB3 and JBoss. I've been trying to use my interface for finding beans, without sucess. The only way that I got success is using the string "<ear-name>/<bean-class>/remote". Does any know how could I use the interface and not the implementation class?

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          William DeCoste Apprentice

          The default JNDI bindings for an EJB3 are ejbName/remote and ejbName/local for the remote and local business interfaces. If the EJB3 is deployed in an .ear, the default jndi bindings are earName/ejbName/remote and earName/ejbName/local. You can override the default with the @RemoteBinding and @LocalBinding annotations or the <jndi-name> and <local-jndi-name> in jboss.xml