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    RollbackException and PersistentContext

    vedgunjan singh Newbie

      Hi Experts,
      Im using injected persistent context in my session bean.
      private EntityManeger entityManager;

      In this session bean i've a method in which,i iterate over the list.
      Lets say this method as method1();
      The scenario is somthing like this..
      public voic method1()
      ......some code.....
      for(SomeObject obj : someObjectList)
      ..............some code....
      //call method2
      .........some code......

      public void method2()

      What is happening here is when i call mehod2 and pass value to it from list,
      the method throws NoEntityFound excexption and ejb transaction rolls back.
      In the catch block of method2 , i'm catching NoEntityFoundException and getting the programm flow to normal flow.
      Throwing of NoEntiyFound exception is an expected behaviour.
      But my requirement is that i need to continue the iteration over the other values in the list.

      But when the programm comes back to method1 and the moment it does some
      procesing i get exception like:

      javax.transaction.RollbackException: Already marked for rollback, tx=TransactionImpl:XidImpl[FormatId=257,

      GenericJDBCException..cannot open connection..session close....

      1)What is the technical reson behind exception in method1?
      2)What should i do to solve it so that my code processes the rest of the elements in the list?

      Thanking in advance for any help.