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    Can't create EJB 3.0 project ?

    kaisaab Newbie

      I have installed jboss AS 4.0.4 GA and I am using the JBoss Eclispe IDE 2.0 Beta 2 bundle on Win XP SP2. When I attempt to create a EJB 3 Project, it willl ask me for a project name and after it wants me to select JBoss Configuration, I select JBOSS 4.0 and select create JBoss server option. It then gives me the option to select the host name and server run time and then I get to choose the ip address ( since this is local to my machine, the port no (8080) and when I select next or finish it takes me back to jboss instance configuration option so my only options now is to "cancel "or "back" thus not allowing me to create the EJB 3 project. Can anyone shine some light as to what's happening here? I am able to create J2EE Project without any problem. Thanks in advance.