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    MDB abstract base class and EJB3 annotations

    mr662 Newbie

      I have following scenario where my MDB class extends an abstract class which implements the MessageListener interface.

      public abstract class MDBBase implements MessageListener {
       public void onMessage(Message message) {
       public abstract void processJob (some-params);
      public class MyMDB extends MDBBase {
       public abstract void processJob (some-params) {

      I use following EJB3 annotations in MyMDB class
      @RunAs ("Internal")

      The question is does the abstract base class also need these annotations?

      What I am see'ing is that without @RunAs ("Internal") on the abstract base class, jboss gives insufficient permissions exception because the message queue requires role "Internal". Is this a bug or working as designed? I was expecting that I wouldn't have to annotate the abstract base class.

      What about the other annotations @SecurityDomain and @TransactionManagement?