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    Is it *safe* ?

    john milton Newbie

      Currently I'm evaluating the ejb3 embedded for a standalone system that only need ORM, messaging and transactions- the javee5 features looks really nice (compare to 1.4)

      I'm running into lots of different problems.
      I don't know if their "my" problems, or in the ejb3, and there are no clear documents on how to make it work, so it's hard for me to break in..

      I guess, the "beta" status is a little bit scary for me-
      If i need to release the system in a month or so, is it safe to relay on the ejb3 embedded?

      I just read in the forum that ejb3 embedded is actually coupled with jboss5, does it mean that the ejb3 will only be in production state when jboss5 will?