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    Entity super class getting nulled out

    Tom Glaess Newbie

      I have an entity bean that extends another entity bean. All is fine until about 10 minutes of inactivity in the session.

      So, I log in to our app and let the session sit idle for 10 minutes. At that time, the values in the superclass all become null. The values in the subclass have not changed.

      What would cause this? The session timeout is set to 30 minutes, so there is no issue there. I've turned on the maximum logging I can and nothing is logged during that 10 minutes. Why would the superclass values become null?


      Here are some code snippets from the two classes:

      @Table(name = "user")

      public class UserBean {

      @Column(name = "UserID")
      protected BigDecimal userID;

      @Column(name = "UserName", nullable = false)
      protected String userName;

      @Column(name = "Password", nullable = false)
      protected String password;


      @Table(name = "dealeruser")

      public class DealerUserBean extends UserBean implements Serializable {