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    webservice doubt

    kike sedes Newbie

      i publish my webservices with jbossws from which i`ve installed in jboss 4.2
      My client aplications transforms with axis which i send from the server but
      i need to change the name in these objects to avoid me change the client code.

      Do you know some annotation to my server classes to be generated with the name i want?

      in the past i used also axis in the server with @jboss-net.xml-schema in the classes. I need something like these.


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          kike sedes Newbie

          sorry about my english. I could not find a solution. I need that the classes generated by axis have an appropiate name in order to avoid change a lot of code in the client aplication.

          My server code is like this:

          package com.satdatatelecom.satdataweb.model.session.session;

          import java.rmi.RemoteException;

          @WebService(endpointInterface="com.satdatatelecom.satdataweb.model.session.session.SesionEndPointInterface", targetNamespace = "http://localhost/jboss-net/services/Sesion", serviceName = "LoginService")
          @RemoteBinding(jndiBinding = "/ejb3/EJB3SesionEndPointInterface")
          public class SesionSessionBean implements SesionSession {

          @PersistenceContext(unitName = GlobalNames.PERSISTENCE_UNIT)
          private EntityManager entityManager;

          public LoginVO loginUsuario(String idEmpresa, String loginName, String password, String session) throws EmpresaNotFoundException, UsuarioNotFoundException, Passw................... {
          LoginUsuarioAction action = new LoginUsuarioAction(idEmpresa, loginName, password,
          session, entityManager);

          LogMessages.info("login", "El usuario "+loginName+" realiza login", true);
          return action.execute();

          }catch (EmpresaNotFoundException e){
          throw e;
          }catch (UsuarioNotFoundException e){
          throw e;


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            kike sedes Newbie

            well, the key is tha i need that the object returned can be named LoginVOWs, not LoginVO. Some annotation?