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    NamingServer Embedded EJB3 issue

    Wesley Hales Master

      I wasn't sure where to post this after reading this blog entry. Just to get this clear...Is Embedded EJB3 now Embedded Jboss?

      I had to modify the NamingServer to get my Embedded EJB3 up and running in Jetty with Seam. I went ahead and posted this in Embedded Jboss (Jetty,Embedded Jboss/EJB, and Seam - It finally works (with a hack of course).

      The only documentation about getting this up and running with SEAM is here - So, is there now (or will there soon be) some docs for embedded Jboss?

      Hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction: Am I doing this correctly and there is a problem with Embedded EJB and JNDI NamingServer? Or Do I need to be using Embedded Jboss? Or have I lost my mind at this point from working on this for the past 4 days straight?

      Wesley Hales