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    Database Connection

    alex rozario Newbie

      i am doing ejb 3.0 project in exadel eclipse IDE. i am using JBOSS server to run my application.

      well. now i need to connect my project with oracle database, i have created a database connection in database explorer. now how can i connect this database in my project. and how can i use the tables in my entity bean.

      please help me.

      i am waiting for your response.

      thanks in advance.

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          wayne baylor Apprentice

          There are several things you need to check:

          1) copy oracle-ds.xml from jboss/docs/examples/jca to jboss/server/xxx/deploy (edit the client connection and user/pass fields).
          2) make sure your persistence.xml file specifies Oracle as the datasource.
          3) download ojdbc14.jar and put it in jboss/server/xxx/lib (has Oracle drivers).

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            alex rozario Newbie

            Thank you sir.
            thank you for your valuable response..
            i have followed the things you have specified..

            now i am in a right path i think, but still i cant finish my task.
            i cant connect with database.

            can you help me further.

            i have created an entity bean as First.java(i have table named First in my remote database). i have created FirstEjb as remote interface and created FirstEjbBean as stateless session bean. my oracle jndi name is oracle..


            while ruinning the server it shows the following error.

            ObjectName: persistence.units:ear=New.ear,jar=NewEJB.jar,unitName=First
            State: FAILED
            Reason: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Oracle not bound
            I Depend On:
            Depends On Me:

            <persistence-unit name="First">

            this is my persistence file.. i think i have to change here only..

            i am in confused state..

            can you please guide me to overcome this issue..

            thank you sir..

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              Andrew Dale Newbie


              you're right, a chage is needed in the persistence file: change the following






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                alex rozario Newbie

                Thank you for your timely help andydale.

                Sorry for my belated reply.