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    Any way to do global overrides for EJB3 defaults?

    David Budworth Newbie

      I think I just realized that I've been barking up the wrong tree for a few months with the issues I'm having with using a foreign JCA provider

      it appears that standardjboss.xml is for EJB 2 only, yes?

      And, as far as I can tell, for EJB3 I can do:
      Annotate my MDBs
      Use ejb-jar.xml
      combo annotation/ejb-jar.xml

      problem is, I have 200+ MDBs that I want to apply the SAME setting for each.
      ie: I want to set the jca inflow config they use, which rar they use, define them to default to Queues, change the DLQ to go to the same place.

      Is there any place I can set new 'defaults' for the activation properties? Or do I need to explicitly name each mdb in ejb-jar.xml / modify annotations

      I suppose I might be able to mixin the annotations using aspectj/jbossaop, not sure how I'd an item to the activationConfig array via aop, plus it would make the ability to change those defaults kind of tough for some co-workers.

      left no other choice, I suppose I could generate my ejb-jar.xml file by scanning the source tree, but that feels like a throw back to the xdoclet days.

      I'd probably change the JBoss source and recompile first I suppose.

      Any one have better ideas? Or is there actually a file I can create that I can put defaults in to?