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    <a4j:support> in Richfaces Components, no ajaxSingle in List

    Martin Weigel Newbie


      I have a ListShuttle element on my site which should update the backing bean if the target list changes. I looked for an ajaxSingle parameter on the listShuttle element but it does not exist. Then I tried to solve the problem with a <a4j:support> tag wich is embedded into the listShuttle tag. But that didn't work either. I need the update on the backing bean to display a <h:selectOneMenu> with the elements form the listShuttle target list. What would be the best way to do that?

      Isn't there any solution like onlistchanged="submit(),rerender(selectOneMenuID)" ?

      Both elements are inside an <a4j:outputPanel>.

      Thanks in advance,