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    design scenario, session bean usage



      Using swing client talks to ejb 3 server.

      The swing UI consists of 2 major panels: menu tree nodes panel and content panel, which display the detail for the selected sub menu nodes.

      The server provides ex. 3 tpyes of services (thus the swing UI has 3 sub menu), using session bean talks with entity beans.

      some of the requirements are:
      session time out is configurable on the fly (by admin role), every content panel should be able to auto-refresh every 2 minute.

      As to the design scenario, I'm wondering:

      1. Which is better in the following designs:

      A. one remote session bean per service, thus there are 3 session beans;
      B. a remote session bean talks with 3 local session beans, thus totally 4 session beans

      2. using stateless or stateful bean(to satisfy time out), why, how?