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    Clover and buildings problem of 3.2.1.CR8

    Kto ToTaki Newbie

      The latest version of RF, 3.2.1.CR8 use the clover reports, and need a valid clover licence.
      I've downloaded free 30 days Clover evaluation licence, and looket at clover doc. to find out where to place clover.licence file. In this documentation I can read:

       <clover2.licenseLocation>...path to your Clover license file...</clover2.licenseLocation>

      But in pom.xml palced in 3.2.1.CR8 use can see:


      I've updated .m2/settings.xml to:

      Now I could to start mvn install without error. But in the framework install fase, the same error coming up :
      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      [INFO] This license has now expired..Please visit http://www.cenqua.com to obtain a licensed version of Clover

      Any idea what to do to build 3.2.1.CR8