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    How can a deployed app interact with JBoss?

    Bogus Exception Newbie

      Well, let me be a little clearer...

      Ideally, I'd like to have a deployed app be able to (or to direct something to):

      1. Create an XML descriptor,
      2. Copy a pre-compiled class into a temp directory with that descriptor,
      3. Jar them up, and finally
      4. Copy that jar into the ./deploy dir...

      I'm trying to find a way to interact with the underlying OS (at least to the extent above), which is a fundamental no-no in J2EE. The best way would be to do so in such a way as to be host OS-agnostic.

      I'd appreciate any pointers!


      Apologies if the wrong forum, but I'm writing in the EJB3 style, and can't post the same question in multiple forums...

      Bogus Exception