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    Inheritance of a pojo problem

    emailms box Newbie


      I have the following pojos and SLSB

      public class UserBase implements Serializable{
       private String id;
       private String name;
      public class User extends UserBase implements Serializable{
       private String password;
      public class UserSLSB implements IUserSLFS {
       public UserBase getUser(String id){...}
       public void updateUser(UserBase userBase ){...}
       public void createUser(User user ){...}

      The User table hold 3 fields ID,NAME,PASS
      How can use UserBase and User as ejb3 entitys without adding an extra field used by at @DiscriminatorColumn

      I have tried different annotation setting and can get it to work
      I don't really need the UserBase as an entity just as a data oblect

      Ideas ?