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    Callbacks with in Message Driven Pojo?

    Ken Chambers Newbie

      I like the idea of the MDP for simplifying the code for async calls, but in the examples that I see, there is no way for the client to know when the call has completed -- other than polling for some resultant type of data.

      Has there been any thought to being to pass some sort of callback object that the consumer can invoke, (callback probably tied to some temporary queue that the client who issued the original async call is listening on)?

      In the examples, it is mentioned regarding using the @CurrentMessage to get access to the JMS message including the ReplyTo field, yet I don't see any mechanism of how the sender can set the replyTo so that they can setup their own callback listener on that field.

      Additionally, considering that internally an ObjectMessage is being created/sent, does it even specify a replyTo arg?