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    @local @remote

    jdijkmeijer Newbie

      I'm just wandering since a long time, and I can't imagine I'm the only one with this question: why do sessions beans in ejb 3 still need an interface to expose methods? What would be wrong with just putting an @local or @remote as method tags in the bean itself?

      PS I tried google but it doesnot understand @tributes..

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          Carlo de Wolf Master

          How do you propose to reference these methods client side?

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            jdijkmeijer Newbie

            Hmm maybe I'm a brainwashed by Seam lately just do something as
            #{sessionbeanname.doMethod} where the sessionbeanname is actually a seam reference, and of course I have forgotten a dozen times to declare the method in the bean.

            But on the other hand It should not be too hard to reference those methods on the clientside: a name convention for the generated interface in the package or class:
            my.very.pretty.Bean will have interfaces like:

            my.very.pretty.remote.Bean having all the remote methods.
            my.very.pretty.local.Bean having all the local methods

            It forces a name convention to the interface, which even may be a good thing while I'm thinking that over.