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    Please help me !!

    LeQuoc Thai Novice

      Hi all!
      I use jboss-4.0.5.GA, EJB 3.0
      I writed a EJB project by Eclipse. Then, I have a client application. My works are ok! Now want export my EJB project to EJB Jar file. But I can't.
      I need some documents about it. Please help me.
      Thanks very much.

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          Alex Grönholm Novice

          1. Speak English
          2. Explain the problem clearly -- just saying "This doesn't work!!1!!1!" isn't helping

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            LeQuoc Thai Novice

            Hi all !
            Sorry! Because my English is not good.
            Ok. I writed a bean (called "myBean"). And then, I write a client application that use (import) myBean. All things are Ok.
            Now, I use Export command to export all things (myBean and my client application) to "EJB Jar file". But on the Export GUI, the part of "Ejb module" is empty!
            (My Client application is EJB project ! And I use Eclipse to establish bean and my application).
            Please guid to me or show me some documents about this problem. Thanks very much.

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              Alex Grönholm Novice

              1. Assuming that your client is a standalone application, the project should not have been created as an EJB Project, but a normal Java project.
              2. I tried exporting an EJB Jar from my own project and it worked fine.

              If you could make a zip file of your project, I could take a look and see if there are problems with it.

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                LeQuoc Thai Novice

                Thanks! I exported my project to Jar file (same as Java project) and it work fine! But I think that if I created a Java project and then I export Jar file, I must copy some libraries of EJB and edit ClassPath.
                Have a way can more quickly ?