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    EJBQL in JBoss 4 / EJB3 ?

    Nick Dodd Newbie

      Just a quick question: When defining @NamedQueries for jboss ejb3 entities, can I use old EJB-QL from our EJB2 Entity Beans

      @NamedQuery(name="findAllApplications", query="SELECT OBJECT(application) FROM Application application")

      Seem to be getting a lot of sytax errors reported:

      No data type for node: org.hibernate.hql.ast.tree.IdentNode \-[ALIAS_REF] IdentNode: 'application' {alias=application, no from element}

      It looks like it is expecting a HQL statement, however tons of the EJB3 tutorials online show NamedQueries containing the old EJB 2 finder syntax.