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    Problem with Native Queries

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      Hi guys,

      I'm trying to execute a simple native query using JBoss 4.0.5GA and EJB 3.0.

      Here is my entity bean with the SqlResultSetMapping annotation:

       fields=@FieldResult(name="name", column="POI_NAME")))
      public class POI implements java.io.Serializable { ... }

      Here is the native query which fails in the session bean.

      q = em.createNativeQuery("select p.POI_NAME from poi as p limit 8", "poiResultsMapping");
      this.poiResults = q.getResultList();

      This is the cause of the error :

      2007-09-17 13:36:53,608 INFO [org.hibernate.type.LongType] could not read column value from result set: POI2_12_0_;

      Do you see what could be wrong with this code ? Did I forget something ?