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    Generated EJB3 entities from oracle views.

    Chris Petty Newbie

      I am using seam 2.0 and Jboss 4.2 and used seam-gen to generate EJB3 entities for oracale tables and views. During deployment I get errors directly related to the entites that were created off the views. I know in the past with straight hibernate views and tables were treated the same. Has this changed when using EJB3. Any help will be much appreciated. I have included the exception below. Thanks

      --- MBeans waiting for other MBeans ---
      ObjectName: persistence.units:ear=EverStageMeta.ear,unitName=EverStageMeta
      State: FAILED
      Reason: javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.HibernateException: Missing table: SECURITY_MASTER_SOURCE_VW
      I Depend On: