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    How to Delpoy Quartz MDB in deploy-hasingleton?

    homer homer Newbie

      JBoss 4.2.0

      Need to have a quartz job running in a clustered environment. I tried setting up Quartz to use a datasource that points to a shared database. I ran into the same problem mentioned here:


      So, I figured I'd just deploy to deploy-hasingleton and call it a day. Well, when I deploy to deploy-hasingleton it tries to deploy my MDB before quartz-ra.rar is registered. Is there any way to have my MDB wait until quartz-ra.rar is ready before trying to deploy (perhaps some "depends" attribute can be set somewhere)? When I deploy to "farm" or "deploy" the job runs just fine.

      Has anyone had any luck deploying a quartz job to deploy-hasingleton?