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    EJB3.0 Vs Normal RMI

    J B Novice

      Hi Guys,
      I just started doing some simple tests between EJB3.0 and standalone RMI.
      Im using the JRMP in both cases(well it think so, i read that jboss uses JRMP protocol out of the box for ejb3.0, and i havent changed anything).

      Its just a simple test that i have, look up remote object and i call it 1,000 times for both cases. I just keep track of the time it takes and thats it.

      I would have thought since both are using the same protocol that the difference wouldnt be much but there is a big difference.

      Normal RMI way takes around 1-2 secs on average, ejb3(stateless bean) way takes from 7-10 seconds.

      Anyone shed some light on why the big difference or is this a fair way for comparison??

      Using jdk1.5_11 on xp with app server 4.2.2GA.