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    Problem using suggestion box over https...

    Kiran Patel Newbie

      Environment: richfaces 3.1.4 GA, JSF 1.1, Weblogic 8.1, JDK 1.4.2_x.

      I am using richfaces suggestion box for autocompletion of some value and its working fine for me as long as I used it over the http.

      But if I try to use it over the https , it gives me below js error.

      Line 4154, char 5, Object doesn't support this property or method...

      It is actually coming on the on prototype.js for the lines

      4152: return function(className, parentElement) {
      4153: return $(parentElement || document.body).getElementsByClassName(className);
      4154: };

      This errors come at the time of rendering the suggestionbox after filling some characters in the textbox