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    Size of method-ready pool for SLSB (CreateCount/RemoveCount)

    jwcone Newbie

      When viewing the MBean attributes for a SLSB (using the StatelessDelegateWrapper MBean in the jmx-console), I noticed that the CreateCount continues to increment over time, while RemoveCount is rarely incremented. For example, I may have a CreateCount in the tens-of-thousands while the RemoveCount stays in the hundreds.

      This isn't what I'd expect to see in a method ready pool for a SLSB (not under my server load, anyway), and I was wondering if anyone knows if these attributes are a true reflection of the method ready pool size, or if the container is removing instances without incrementing the RemoveCount.

      (Incidentally, a SFSB that is removed due to the @CacheConfig removalTimeoutSeconds annotation does not increment the RemoveCount.)