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    Don't know if my EJB3 file was deployed correctly

    Chewiee Bakka Newbie


      I am trying to deploy an ejb3 file into JBoss, but I am not sure I made it right. When I copy the jar file to the deploy folder, I see this in the console output:

      10:00:56,628 INFO [EJB3Deployer] Deployed: file:/C:/Arquivos de programas/Javaw

      When i access the JMX Console, I see this:


      But I can't find it through JNDIView neither I can lookup the bean. I always receive a not bound exception.

      Would like some help

      Thank you

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          Wolfgang Knauf Master

          Hi !

          Deploying to a directory ".ejb3" is a deprecated approach.
          You should package your app in a JAR file, better in an EAR file. I'm not sure which deployment descriptors are needed, but for an EAR file you need an application.xml so that your modules are identified. I don't know whether also an EJB jar needs a deployment descriptor or not, but if it does not work without, I would add it and give it a try.

          Hope I could help