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    DataSource resource injection

    Frank Newbie

      Hi all!
      sorry for bothering again about injection.
      I'm unable to inject a Datasource resource into my EJB.

      n my EJB I use:

       protected DataSource dataSource;

      in my .ds file I use the following


      When I try to use the Datasource I get

      java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to inject jndi dependency: env/oracle.ejb30.HelloTestBean/dataSource into property oracle.ejb30.HelloTestBean.dataSource: jdbc not bound

      Should I insert a resource-ref also in jboss.xml ? or in ejb-jar.xml too ??

      I really hope I don't need to use ejb-jar.xml anymore since I'm fed up with it..........
      Thanks for your feedback.......
      By the way I'm using JBoss 4.2.x