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    How to setup wsse usernametoken for ejb3 based web services?


      I posted the following question in ws forum, but this forum may be the better place for it. Please help.

      "I have tried to solve this for several weeks for jboss on either 4.2.2 or 5 beta 4 and was very frustrated. And I have easily configured this feature in Glassfish v3 and Oracle AS 10g. Now I work on a very simple web service annotated from a session bean as following:

      public class Test{
      @Resource SessionContext context;
      public test(){
      String userName =
      System.out.println("The calling user is " + userName);

      I would like to see how step by step to configure only the usernametoken wsse feature for the web service against an LDAP source such as openldap or active directory in a jboss server (any version), so that the ejb test method is invoked and it prints the user name of the caller in the console (or log).