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    StackOverflowException caused by throwing app exception with

    lordcoven Newbie

      Hi All,

      Just had and resolved a really nasty problem. I've got a stateful (but I'd also tried the same with a stateless) EJB3 session bean which access an OpenLDAP backend to find some user data. I'm catching the NamingException when attempting the search and throwing my own application exception (UnableToQueryLdapException extends RuntimeException) with the NamingException added as the cause (i.e. super(e) in the constructor of the application exception).
      I caused the search to fail by providing a bogus baseDN and in debugging was able to see the NamingException being caught and containing all the information I'd expect, but when I then threw it on as part of my application exception the app bombed out with a huge recursive stack trace to do with serialization.
      When I changed the application exception to only take the message of the NamingException (e.getMessage()), the problem went away.

      Sounds like it might be a nasty bug in the serialization code in JBoss?

      I'm using JBoss 4.2.2.GA
      The behaviour was tested on an XP box and an OS X 10.5.2 box both with JDK5.