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    dataTable sorting/filtering problem

    Lotfi Mellouk Master


      Im using filterBy,sortBy,filterMethod/filterValue on dataTable; I get a strange behavour:

      when ajax request is sent, a4j status stay on starting mode for a long time, if another request (not ajax) is sent, dataTable is rendered correctly...

      the problem occurs when:

      1- on columns with filterBy, after a first filtering if I delete the filter input filed.

      2- on the column with sortBy, the first time sorting the column

      3- on the column with filterMethod/filterValue with some value for the filterValue

      4- using dataScroller (known bug )http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/RF-2815

      dont know if it is a bug, configuration incompatibility ..

      environment: RF 3.2.1.CR8,myfaces 1.2.2..