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    @Service + @WebService

    Ryan Carmichael Newbie

      Going based on some information found through google search:


      it looks as though I should be able to (or is it not working yet?) define a singleton via the @Service annotation that also has a @WebService annotation. However, when I do this I don't get any web service endpoints, the WSDL isn't available at the correct location, etc. Basically it doesn't seem to work. I realize the link I pointed to is talking about EJB3.1 but it seemed to imply to me that JBoss was ahead of the game with a @Service function that should also allow @WebService annotations on the same class.

      I haven't tried it, but I assume the correct workaround would be to define one POJO as the @Service and another POJO as @WebService and simply inject the @Service into the @WebService class instead of having them both be the same object. Is this the right way to do it?