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    Persistence confusion in EJB 3.0 .........

    Sajith Kariyawasam Newbie

      hi ,

      i m new to EJB development .. the question im going to ask might be a dumb one , if so pls excuse me ....

      the question is ..
      Does entity beans are a replacement for relational databases or it provides a layer on top of the database ??
      what is actually doing by an Entity Bean ( or persistence object ) ?
      does it saves the entity into a database table or does it keep the information about the entity in the application server's memory ?

      because , i tried several examples from several tutorials , but i couldnt find any one of them "writes" the entity into a database ....

      but i think a relational database must involve in this case , cos otherwise it will be impossible for entity be persistent ..

      so , how we can define the database that we need to use ?? ( i need to use a MySQL datastore )

      if i can get more help (regarding this prob) than this forum please give me the links of such resources ....

      Thanks in advance