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    highlight toolbargroup

    Sascha Janz Master

      i got a simple toolbar

      <rich:toolBar height="24" itemSeparator="line">
       <h:graphicImage id="edit" value="/images/icons/edit.png" />
       <h:outputLabel value="Bearbeiten" for="edit" />
       <h:graphicImage id="save" value="/images/icons/save.jpg" />
       <h:outputLabel value="Speichern" for="save" />
       <h:graphicImage id="done" value="/images/icons/done.jpg" />
       <h:outputLabel value="Erledigt" for="done" />

      but when i move with the mouse over a toolbargroup or click on it, it doesn't change anything, like highlighting with a frame or something. so the toolbar seems like it es disabled, because it still remains the same what ever you do.

      is this correct? did i something wrong?